Being fearless doesn’t mean you never feel doubtful / worried / trepidatious / bat-shit-scared!… we can BE fearless, yet still FEEL fear. The key is having the courage to take action in spite of fear and doubt and worry and so on.

Do you remember being fearless AS A KID?… saying and doing whatever amazingness you wanted to… pinning a pillowcase-cape to your shirt and instantly feeling like a SUPER HERO believing and dreaming without stressing about what anyone else may think or judge …just doin’ your thing with no apologies?!?!

I had Bionic Woman shoes… I swear those things made me invincible and I unapologetically let everyone know they shouldn’t waste their time challenging me to a race! Ah grade 10, the good old days… just kidding, I was only 7 years old at the time 😉

Wouldn’t it be great if the only thing that changed from juvenile fearlessness to adult fearlessness was the addition of, say, a few filters for the sake of COUTH and KINDNESS? “Get out of the way, I’m going first, stupid-head!” isn’t really necessary as a grown up, now is it?

Unfortunately, most of the time, we don’t even take the CHANCE, never mind fight to be FIRST. Over time, we collect such a big bag of UNsupportive BS—also known as Beliefs and “Shoulds” (but you can call it bullshit if you like, because it’s the same thing)—about ourselves and about life, that feeling completely empowered and believing in ourselves without a doubt can unfortunately start to become quite rare.

We know better though, don’t we? We certainly advise our best friends and our kids to be fearless in the same exact ways we hold ourselves back. We cheer them on and tell them “you can do it”. And we absolutely BELIEVE IT! Yet we DRAG this big invisible bag of unsupportive beliefs, “shoulds”, “shouldn’ts” and “supposed-to’s” around with us like our life depends on it, keeping us afraid, and holding us back!

If you release the BS, being fearless gets easier.

Ask yourself this, “What would I do differently in any area of my life (work/health/finances/love/passion/free time) if I DIDN’T CARE one single bit about what anyone else thought?” That includes your friends, neighbours, family, coworkers, clients, spouse, partner, etc. Think about it honestly… your thoughts are the one place you can be BRUTALLY HONEST without fear of being judged… other than by yourself, of course, the worst critic of all 😉

Then ask yourself, “If I could go back and start all over, one year younger than I am right now… where would I be more fearless and how would that have positively impacted my life?” Really, take a moment, what would be different TODAY?

And finally, if you met your one-year-from-now future, wiser self, what fearless actions would s/he tell you to do immediately today to start making your life more fulfilling and extraordinary?

You know the answers; you don’t need me or anyone else to tell you what you REALLY WANT and what you have to do to get it.

For me, softening my white-knuckled grip on my own bag of BS is what gave me the courage to start being fearless. It seems that the more you release, the more content you become; and then the more ‘chill’ you are, the more you take action on things that really matter to you… not because you should, or you’re supposed to, or because you’re scared. Because you’re a FREAKEN SUPER HERO in your own right, and whatever it is, it’s what you want, and you are GOING TO get it.

May all the stupid-heads get out of your way, dammit!! 😉

But in the end, it’s your choice. Your whole life is your choice. Great intentions mean nothing without acting on them. In one year from now what will you look back and say??

Fearlessly live an extraordinary life…
I believe in you!