When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Do you remember how exciting and limitless your imagination was as a child? One day you could be a super hero saving the world… and the next you could be a zookeeper… or a rock star… or anything at all that your mind could dream up!

Imagine having that same unrestricted imagination today. Where your overly-cautious mind doesn’t come in and spoil all the fun with limits, with should & shouldn’ts, with the ‘it’s-too-late’ BS, the ‘that’s not reality’ BS, and all the doubts and worries that shrink big dreams!

Do you believe it’s POSSIBLE to manifest your desires with ease?

That’s the starting gate. When you get there, to that belief, all the rest is possible.

Here’s the phrase that sounds cliché these days: if you believe it, you can achieve it. But it’s true. You can. And YOU WILL when you learn the process. It simply cannot fail.

And, you can’t UN-remember it. It’s yours to use for life. For anything.

The Process is the work to get there. The purpose of the process is simply to: get you to a place of FEELING GOOD the majority of the time. That’s it, feeling good. Everything you want comes from that. Sound too simple?

Let me explain…

I used to think life had to be hard or stressful to achieve the good stuff consistently. I used to think we were “dealt a certain hand” and we had to live with it. I used to think luck played a role. I used to put SO much emphasis on other people (what they thought, how I measured up, whether I was worthy). Now I know that to NOT be true.

What it boils down to – the way to get to feeling good most of the time  is mastering yourself. Otherwise know as Personal Excellence Mastery. When you have that, you go from force (perfection mode = stress) to flow and ease (excellence mode = feeling good).

The process is practicing the habits of shifting from ‘perfection’ to ‘excellence’ mode. It’s actually easy, other than when we stubbornly dig our heels in when change wants to show up.

But there are things you can do to start changing that. Because when the momentum builds it just gets easier and easier.

Think about a time when you learned something new. It felt so foreign to not be able to do it, but the more you practised, the easier it became – the more MOMENTUM you achieved – and all of sudden your belief that it was hard or impossible changed and you felt ease, confidence, and good about it.

You can’t change a lifetime of habits overnight. But if you never start, you surrender your whole life to those bad habits. That doesn’t feel good especially when you know you chose them. No one forces us how to feel or what habits to practice.

Let me explain some more and in the simplest terms – because it is simple – it changes EVERYTHING.

But let me first tell you a little about me and how I came to know this …

From about the age of 9 right into my mid to late-ish twenties I was super shy (like as in awkwardly, super shy). The shyness was the result of being insecure and lacking self-worth for various reasons.

However, the Super Power I got from being insecure and lacking self-worth is that I built a very strong desire to learn how to help others to NEVER have to feel like that.

And the Super Power I got from that shyness was that I became an excellent observer of details. From an observer standpoint I learned so very much about human behaviour. I started to notice more and more patterns of how and why people made choices and how their result weren’t necessarily what they wanted, but were exactly what they created… and it fascinated me to no end!

I had a major A-HA moment in my 20’s when I learned that I get to choose the results of my reality, and that I wasn’t a victim to my external world. Of course I called bullsh*t at first because to be honest, I wasn’t happy with my current results and it was more comforting to place blame on other things or people, than to take full ownership and feel guilty. But the more I learned, the more sense it made that I created it all, and then the more excited I got about it!

It was also quite a humbling realization at a time I was experiencing my fair share of lack when life wasn’t feeling so easy! The good news though, was that I could then create my future the way I wanted it to be. Like starting fresh.

So I practiced it and played with it and the results sometimes were very slow, and since I didn’t know what I know now I went backwards a few times, but eventually it just got better and better! I learned as much as I could and I read everything I could get my hands on about from brain science and spirituality, the body and the mind, to energy and vibration, thoughts and results. Pretty much everything from science to spirituality.

Eventually, I figured out that ease and success in life came with far less effort by way of excellence practices than through the stress of trying to live a life by way of perfection.

Personal excellence mastery makes you the creator of everything the way you want it, like as in ALL the results of your life. Your happiness, your people, your stuff, your thoughts, your experiences, your health, your wealth, your body… all of it. It’s so incredibly, wonderfully, MAGICAL. Anyone can do it.

Imagine the relief to have so few worries? And when the doubts and worries DO show up, because they still do occasionally, certain NEW habits are triggered to get you quickly back on track. It happens faster and faster every time.

So here’s the difference:

Nothing ever comes easy by striving for perfection, because in that mindset nothing is ever good enough. The bar gets pushed out of reach as soon as we get close to the finish line.

Perfection is fear-based, perfection causes us to make decisions based on what we think we should or shouldn’t do according so someone/something else, perfection needs to be right. It’s reckless, controlling, from a place of force, doubt, envy, judgement and needing approval.

Excellence, however, is willing to be wrong, taking ownership, surrender, acceptance, optimism, it’s non-judgment especially of self, and it’s moving forward in pursuit of your personal desires despite the roadblocks and nay-sayers.

Who cares what they think. But really though, when we don’t care what they think, we get personal clarity on what WE actually think. Think about that for a minute!

It’s practicing the excellence habits that build an unstoppable momentum that inevitably creates flow and joy and ease in your life at every turn!

I’m telling you… whatever you want that you’re not currently getting, you can have it. All of it, and then some.

When I was a young “mompreneur” 20 some-odd years ago when my kids were wee ones I started learning this stuff, practicing living it, and slowly developing the skills and habits. I read inspiring books by people who motivated my personal growth, I invested in myself by hiring my own success coaches and mentors, and I was purposely surrounding myself with real, generous, motivated, heart-centred, courageous, and talented people to model myself after.

Sometimes I was exhausted, and a LOT of times I was scared, but I knew what I wanted and I knew the kind of role model I wanted to be for my girls, so I never gave up. It definitely wasn’t easy, but over time I went from fearful, broke, working stressful-crazy-long hours juggling personal and business responsibilities… to extraordinary! Achieving successes, surpassing my financial and personal goals, slowing down to a comfortable pace, and best of all accepting & re-finding myself along the way.

I did it (mostly) the hard way, which gave me the experience and wisdom to develop the easy way: A Personal Excellence Mastery Process to coach others, like you, on how to do this without all the trial and error. I now have the tools and the process for you to just jump in and start building your own momentum!

And sure, I do still have a bad day once in a while. But it’s rare, and it doesn’t last long. I practice fearlessly living an extraordinary life with specific excellence habits every single day. It’s a Lifestyle. It’s kind of magical when you discover how powerful this stuff is… how powerful YOU are in being able to create life the way you want it.

I’ve been witness to it happening for others thousands of times and there is no one that doesn’t qualify for it to happen for them.

Believe me.

I was an over-analyzing Skeptic with a capital S.

Now is my time to give back and share the tools of what I’ve learned to help others build their own extraordinary personal and professional successes, faster and easier than it was for me.

Join me on an incredible journey of Radical Self Clarity and Personal Excellence Mastery. It’s limitless. It’s life-changing. It’ll joyfully, positively and extraordinarily transform your life in so many more ways than you can even imagine!

You become your own Coach, you get unstuck and start making decisions so easily and naturally. There’s a relaxing into life that happens, and you never want to go back to worry, unease, doubt, any of that stuff.

By the way, I know that wanting transformation is serious, but don’t think that the PROCESS won’t include some serious fun… like doing experiments, adventures, and activities that INTRIGUE you, that involve ACTION (versus just book-type learning), that get your mind working in NEW WAYS to crush old habits, and that – whenever possible – include FUN!

Serious implies non-fun. That’s no feeling good. The process always strives for feeling good. Always.

Plus, don’t new ideas STICK so much better and faster when the learning is EXPERIENTIAL?

And if you believe, like I do, that fun and ease and all good things are what you want in your everyday life, then we’ll get along JUST FINE.


Do you want to create the life of your dreams so much that you could yell YES right now?

Are you willing to stop talking about what’s wrong, missing, or unjust in your life?

Are you ready to take ownership, face some truths of how you got yourself to where you are now, and then courageously let ALL that go for good in place of some exciting new truths that will clear the path to get what you really want? 

If you’re TRULY willing and ready to take the leap, I promise you it WILL happen

I believe in my ability to guide you + your ability to learn it SO MUCH that I’ll give you ALL your money back if you don’t STRONGLY believe it too after our first session together.

Book a free 20 min consultation call with me… you are going to LOVE your new life!

And yes, there really is only one “N” in my name.

I believe in you!
Let me help you Fearlessly Live an Extraordinary Life.
~ Jenifer

ON PAPER I am a Certified: Life Coach, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (MNLP), Language and Behaviour (LAB) Coach, and Hypnosis Practitioner, with Expertise in: Speaking, Transformational Success Mentorship, Coaching, Teaching, Facilitating, Training, Consulting, Human Behaviour, and Communications, with a background in: Marketing, Advertising, Publishing, and Project Management. I have done training with Dr. William Horton NFNLP, Anthony Robbins, Tom O’Connor, Steve Jones AUNLP, Harv Ecker, Eban Pagan, Rory Sheehan, OHC, and Shelle Rose Charvet, among others. I ran a Marketing company in the 90’s when the industry had a whole different meaning, and then before the social media boom I was Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Girls Can Do Anything Magazine (Canada’s first ever empowerment magazine for youth).

While I am located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada,  I work with people anywhere in the world through virtual means.