Here’s the thing… you can feel ready, be all-in, and STILL be totally and completely freaked out or SCARED… in fact, being some even a little scared is GOOD because it most likely means you’re READY …and that ‘ready’ energy will translate into some powerful fuel to move forward.

My coaching packages are for three, six, or twelve months. We can determine which is best for you on your complimentary call with me.

I know you’re one of those ‘super-cool, maybe-a-little-quirky, appreciates-the-good-things-in-life, loves-to-laugh, loves-to-give, wants-more, hard-on-yourself, smart, fun, possibly-an-over-analyzer, think-too-much, creative, loving, heart-centered’ kind of people. I know that because I’ve attracted “your kind” of client for YEARS! And we get along easily and understand each other so well; it’s like a match made in heaven! I also know you need a little push, but you also don’t like to be pushed. Am I right?

That said, I’m not going to push you. The level of coaching I offer is staggeringly more beneficial as far as results go if you’re ready to push yourself to take that first step. And truthfully, I believe in you whether you say yes now, or later, or never. It’s you who has to eventually believe in you to get the results. Feel free to piggyback on my unconditional belief in you while you build that belief muscle! It’s all about ease and flow, which is ‘allowing’ not force. You won’t see me making bargains, 2 for 1’s, or using pressure tactics. I  don’t like that crap either. All my clients pay the same price because I don’t want to convince someone to work with me. That would mean you’re not ready.

So if you ARE ready, then I commit to making my sole purpose in our coaching relationship together all about YOU creating your ideal life. I will guide, teach, and walk WITH you, through the challenges, toward the dreams. And when it gets hard, you will not be alone. And you will surprise yourself on the strength and abilities we pull out of you and the joys you will create. And there will be reason to celebrate, often!

You’ll find Massive Clarity and Awareness of your WHOLE SELF… mind, body, thoughts, dreams, unsupportive beliefs, all of it!

You’ll develop the Personal Excellence skills that will make you the one and only master of your results, your outcomes, your LIFE.

And you’re going to LOVE hearing me call you a “master manifestor”, because at some point it’ll happen and it’ll feel easy for you. It ALWAYS happens. It will for you too.

I’m not the most expensive Coach you’ll find, but I’m certainly not the least, either. What I am for sure, is really great at what I do. If you believe that some of the things you purchase you’re willing to pay more for because you KNOW you’ll get a certain quality you prefer, then you’ll understand that that’s how I’ve priced myself. It took a while to not feel pompous saying “I’m amazing at what I do!” out loud in some situations (even though I knew I was and I was encouraging others to say it about themselves). Why would anyone want a service provider who didn’t truly believe they were “amazing at what they do”?! So I finally did, and something really cool happened: not only did I start attracting clients who were even more of an awesome fit, but THEY started having better results and more breakthroughs. Cool, huh? I can hardly wait for you to experience that reality for yourself too…

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