Your journey
to Thriving
starts now.

What if you believed that anything, that EVERYTHING, was possible for you?

What would you DO first if you knew you could not fail?

Someone recently called me the FREEDOM ALCHEMIST because I help people turn limitations into freedom. I love that!

A phrase I hear often and passionately expressed in my practice is, “This has changed my life!” It’s remarkable what can be achieved at this level of Coaching partnership together.

Some examples are like those who’ve doubled, tripled, and quadrupled their income and found the lifestyle and freedom they’ve always desired. Everyone has broken free from debilitating limiting beliefs and many who had past traumas / ptsd or c-ptsd. There are those who have healed from physical ailments as a bonus side-effect from really integrating our work together (including asthma, chronic pain, gut issues, arthritis, hair loss, eczema and skin issues, chronic back pain, I even got to witness someone’s face change right before my eyes as she had a profound childhood trauma release).

When I say “I believe in you”, it’s from a deep KNOWINGNESS (ask me about my 7 Year Old Ultimate Knowingness moment!); I come to our Coaching partnership with 100% commitment and zero doubts of what’s possible for you. You get to show up with all your enthusiasm, FEARS & DOUBTS, excitement, and desire to transform yourself and your impact in the world to your highest vision.

Everything Extraordinary is possible for you when you’re ready to say “Let’s go, I’m in!”

Let me introduce myself…

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Hi, I'm Jenifer Merifield
Hey there, you awesome human you… after almost 2 decades of coaching and mentoring, what I know for SURE is this: You CAN consciously create or transform anything.
Whatever label(s) you have or have had from others (or yourself!), and whatever limits you feel stuck with or debilitated by, they absolutely do not have to be a limiting part of your present and future. In fact, I’d love to teach you how to actually USE them as power tools.
What I’ve personally overcome, and what I’ve had the honour of witnessing change for others is like blow-your-mind, didn’t-think-it-was-possible, wow-transformation kind of change.
The reason I do this work is because I’ve been in positions of struggle, feeling stuck, lack, and limited. I was super shy growing up, which led to fears of not being good enough, worrying what other people thought, having people-pleasing tendencies, which ultimately led me to being a perfectionist needing to be a high achiever and not get anyting “wrong”… can you say “burn-out”? The burn out I experienced was a blessing in disguise because it gave me no choice but to slow down and re-evaluate EVERYTHING.
Back then, as a single mum of toddler twins (who are now almost 30), I dove head-first into learning as much as I could and getting all the mentoring and Coaching I could afford to snap out of my limiting beliefs and and limiting habits to be a great example and create a beautiful life for us.
It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t over-night, but the right lessons, books, courses, and people came into my life to coach and guide me. It’s what motivated me to become a Coach myself. I did (and continue to do) what I now teach… I reprogrammed my limiting beliefs and created high value personal excellence habits.
Over ELEVEN THOUSAND hours of Coaching and continued study at this point, and I absolutely love this work with all my heart and soul. Having an Atheist Mathematician for a father and a Catholic Spiritual Arts Teacher for a mother, I grew to appreciate and seek both proof AND faith in all I do and teach. It’s a magical combo.
For my students and clients (my coaching partners) they know that since my old perfectionism tendencies have become Excellence traits, I AM a firm believer in integrity and walking my talk. I vow to continue to do “the work” to be the best version of me, for you… including the scary, the uncomfortable, and the downright ego-crushing bring-you-to-your-knees-kind-of-work that opens up your whole world in the best ways. I can’t force YOU to do the work, but I KNOW you can and I will guide you to do whatever it takes to make your ultimate extraordinary life happen.
No matter what you’ve ever done, said, or believed that’s been considered “bad/ wrong/ embarrassing/ shameful/ etc” it doesn’t stop what you’re capable of now. We get to look beneath all that and see your highest self who is fully worthy and capable of consciously creating anything and everything.
For those who like the credentials and what makes me legit on paper… 
18+ years of experience and accreditations include: Life Coaching, Master Level Neuro Linguistic psychology, Excellence Coaching, Psychedelic Medicine Integration, Language and BehaviourProfiling, Communications Certifications, Energy & Frequency, Quantum Mechanics, and Mentorship in the areas of personal excellence, trauma, anxiety, depression, boundaries, manifestation, resonance, and other somatic & psychological-response solutions.
Striving to be a Teacher vs Preacher means I have personally studied and immersed myself in a whole lot of different experiential processes so that I could confidently, and with integrity, back the ones I teach and recommend. Many of them were uncomfortable, challenging, and frustrating to say the least… but I wouldn’t trade those breakthroughs, what I learned and how it’s benefitted my skills as a Coach. I won’t ever Preach to you to do something I haven’t personally done or don’t believe in. Instead I will Teach you, and then YOU will become an example of excellence and a Teacher too.
While credentials are important, it’s my wonderful clients and students that say much more about my abilities and skills as a Coach… See dozens of testimonials here.
My title is Personal Excellence Mentor and Master Integration Coach. “Excellence” is not to be confused with Perfection… it’s part of the foundation of what I teach and it’s all about being in a Thriver mindset and lifestyle that will completely set you free.
Everyone has some level of trauma, hardships, and past programming that’s contributed to their limiting beliefs, habits, and behaviours today. The way you respond to those challenges, whether it serves you or hinders you, comes from a necessary self-protection mechanisms that was created out of the need to survive in the moment… in the past though! So here you are in the present still responding from self protection, and unless you get clarity on what the habits and beliefs are that were created that way, you’ll continue to face the same challenges and limitations with the same automatic limiting habits and behaviour responses over and over. It’s TOTALLY REVERSIBLE!
Through a deep-dive analysis on several years of past clients’ life-, behaviour-, and success-patterns, a wonderfully brilliant process has come to life that I am thrilled to say has had tremendously transformative results.
The Process is called Extraordinary Life and I use it in all my Coaching offerings.
People usually come to me when they’re frustrated with settling for less, feeling stuck or ovewhelmed, yet stoked, eager, or even antsy to expand and grow.
It’s when they’re ready to fully OWN their awesomeness, brilliance, & self worth, to be the highest version of themselves, to become exceptionally accountable & decisive, take success to the ultimate level, drop the limiting and mostly self-imposed victim and survivor tendencies & “crutches”, and learn to consistently BE the Thriving limitless conscious creators of their Extraordinary lives. Joy, love, abundance, wealth, freedom. I’m thrilled to say that with this process, incredible result ARE typical!
If we get to work together, it’s going to be a total game-changer! On the other side of doubt and discomfort is everything you want. FREEDOM. Are you ready to begin?
I believe in you 🤍

Here are the ways to work with me…

Conscious Creators Academy

If budget is your driver but you won’t settle for anything less than an Extraordinary Coach…

Check this out… now EVERYONE gets to experience the Breakthroughs & Transformations offered in my Extraordinary Life Process. If private Coaching or a Mastermind Tribe isn’t in your budget yet, then check out the Conscious Creators Academy… it’s your BEST first step!!


I’ve truly learned what I am capable of as a human being in the fullness of what that could mean… Jenifer and I have just completed the [12 week] Extraordinary Life Process and the progress made thus far has been startling. Her personal approach and strong people skills helped me trust her and gain the confidence required from the beginning to literally arise from the ashes… Completing this program will undoubtedly improve the rest of your life if you choose to do the work and follow through …more

Glenn Carnegie

I had come out of a toxic relationship and for a long time it consumed me… Through Jenifer’s guidance, patience and coaching I learned to shift my mindset, develop a connection to my higher self, create healthy boundaries, become more confident, incorporate play and fun and most importantly learned to give myself grace and compassion… I have completely shifted the way I see and interact with people… Jenifer is truly an exceptional coach and an amazing human being …more

Michelle Yan

After my first session with Jen, I realized that this realm of understanding is so much larger than I ever expected and capable of so much more than what I showed up for. Jen is a vial of light and love and her teachings and methodologies of healing have fundamentally changed my life. I feel more equipped, motivated, and capable of living a better life. After each session with Jen, I feel immensely better, which is not something that has ever happened via traditional therapy/counseling …more

Alex G.

The coolest thing about Jenifer is that she brought the unknown into the realm of possibility, and as soon as I could say “I want that!” it just came to me effortlessly. She has a knack of getting into your head, through questions and exercises, that helps you realize the areas you’re good at and helps you figure out ways through the blocks you put up to avoid the things you’re not stellar at… When I “followed the yellow brick road” step by step I found myself propelled to places I wouldn’t have imagined – such clarity of p…more

Jennifer Adamson

More transformational depth & accountability…
Mastermind Level is you, me, + 3 more.

Private Group Mastermind Tribe

The Mastermind is the Brains and the Tribe is the Heart.
Outstanding results happen quickly with the high intention Tribe-vibe. In the 12 week Extraordinary Life Mastermind Tribe, you get the amazing benefits of the group dynamic AND you get Master Coaching with me. This Tribe is purposely small (max 4-6 people) so you each get Personal attention in our sessions every week for your specific challenges and transformations and you get the benefits of witnessing other’s having victories and wins.
Expect breakthroughs because they ALWAYS happen in the Masterminds.

…I’m not quite half way through and I feel unstoppable! Jenifer is so motivating and positive. Her course is phenomenal!!! The changes I have made so far have improved my inner peace, as well as relationships in my life. The positive effects have spilled over into my family and our relationships have improved greatly… If you are struggling, this is the course for you! You will not be disappointed!! …more

Lesley Barnes

Jenifer has designed an amazing Mastermind / Masterclass course with perfectly ordered modules to ensure a gradual and very effective integration of all the teachings. The clarity and growth that each module fosters is “extraordinary”… really!! The steps are challenging, of course but the reward is invaluable! The beautiful Tribe I get to be part of also provides strong support. We laugh, cry, and …more

Laur Fugère

…I understood through Jenifer’s exceptionally compassionate guidance and wisdom how my thoughts and actions (or lack of) were not always serving me well and could therefore destine me to repeat the past limiting behaviours causing me pain and keeping me stuck. This was my first time working with a coach and it has been the most exuberant, rewarding and very challenging, but oh so sweet …more

Sandra Howie

…The challenge with self work is maintaining and integrating the things learned into our daily practice over the long term. Taking Jenifer’s Mastermind and then the 2nd Masterclass courses were invaluable to that process for me. The way she structures the courses and supports the learning and lessons is incredibly effective. The fact that these courses are long in duration allows you to fully integrate the …more

Matt Crookshank

1:1, this is the ULTIMATE. No messing around. Full commitment and dedication. You want results now.

Here’s where it’s just you and I. You want the ULTRA BIG shifts, you KNOW it’s possible, & you’re ALL IN like nothing you’ve done before.

Private 1:1 Master Coaching

The Extraordinary Life Process at the 1:1 level is the most laser-focused version possible. It’s just YOU and ME!… and we’re taking it to the Ultimate Level. What do you truly want? …and are you willing to actually make it happen? My sole purpose in your life is to guide and challenge you to your greatness… to the Extraordinary Life you’ve always wanted. Everything is possible for you. I will give you all my best tools, wisdom, and resources, with 100% dedication and preparedness. You will show up to discomforts, push through doubts and limitations, and EXPECT the breakthroughs and incredible transformation. Are you willing and ready?  

Jen, in a short amount of time – took me places I didn’t know I had to go. I came to her for business coaching and we unearthed so much more! I feel much lighter and clearer in all areas of my life. She is compassionate, non-judgemental and respects wherever you are at in your life. If you are ready to make leaps and bounds, Jen will guide you to remove those road blocks that that only we put in front of ourselves! And ~ best of all ~ she can make you…more

Gerry Stein

Jenifer has truly changed my life. She has gifted me with so much insight and so many incredible tools I never knew I had to work towards my personal and professional excellence. Our sessions have given me the opportunity to develop a connection to my self, my goals and the world around me. Meaningful shifts happen every time we work (flow) together and every day in between. What I value most is the way in which Jenifer …more

Addison Brasil

Well into my career, feeling stagnant, up against the same old self-imposed limitations and unfavourable patterns, I needed a professional who could provide an objective view and help propel me to next level of leadership. Jenifer proved to be exactly what I needed. Through her insightful, sensible approach, she got down to the essence of things quickly. Each session was eye opening and provided me with a deeper level of realization …more

Tina Boroviak

I did not expect to see such fast results, from the moment I had my first session with Jenifer I had greater clarity and awareness around the limiting beliefs that were preventing me from becoming the best version of myself. Over a short period, Jenifer equipped me with a skillset that I could apply to all areas of my life. Through her constant support and grounded advice, I have unravelled the thinking and behaviour patterns …more

Jordan Candlish

Graduates: Apply for a MASTERCLASS

Let’s keep the MOMENTUM & MANIFESTATION going strong…

Private Group Momentum Masterclass

The 24 week (6 month) Extraordinary Life Momentum Masterclass is for Mastermind Tribe graduates… it was born from the very first ever Mastermind Tribe when we got near the end and everyone said, “Nooo, I don’t want it to end!!!”. Here we turn up the volume of accountability and deep dive to new levels of self illumination for conscious creation on an even higher level. Similar to the Mastermind, the Tribe is small (max 4-6 people). There is no going back to old limiting ways of thinking and acting; at this level a whole new and exciting world opens up for you to choose from. If you’ve done the Extraordinary Life Mastermind / Conscious Creators Academy / 1:1 Coaching, you’re invited to join.

This experience with Jenifer and the Mastermind Tribe was nothing short of extraordinary. I can truly say it was the most transformative [time] of my life. I feel closer to my higher self than ever. I learned the tools needed to come face to face with my fears and insecurities. And to learn to love and let them go, leaving me with an endless well of energy and light. I cannot discount the crazy cool synchronicities a…more

Brittney Haines

Jenifer is a MASTER COACH, there is no area of my life that she hasn’t positively effected and I had many personal breakthroughs and ah-ha moments. You can really feel that Jenifer cares for her clients and brings a warmth and a strength. She catches you in the moment you limit yourself offering up a new way, a path that elevates your thoughts, you words, your actions and your life. There were so many good …more

Kaden James

It has been invaluable experiential learning. Real, tangible teachings that can be immediately applied to everyday life. Jenifer and the Tribe members created a safe, supportive, non- judgemental space. This allowed for real shifts in perspective. It was an intimate experience with the perfect mix of accountability. Jenifer has a calming, supportive approach. I was able to let my guard down to see what …more

Joan Willms

I got the last spot in the group and I almost didn’t take it because I was feeling really uncomfortable that everyone was going to be further ahead of me in life. This group was the best thing I ever invested in because I learned so much about how I have always sabotaged myself because of my deep rooted insecurities and fears. Jenifer and everyone in the group was so accepting and open. Every single…more

Phil Nodwell

Psychedelic Integration for Personal Growth Breakthroughs, or Trauma Healing


Psychedelic Integration Coaching

No longer taboo to talk about, Psychedelics and plant medicines are common conversation among healthcare practitioners, trauma experts, and people seeking breakthroughs in their mental health and personal growth. Over the years, many of my clients have expressed interest and experience in psychedelic expansion experiences to support what’s possible for personal growth and trauma or addiction release. Through exploration, experience, education, and alignment with some of the best and most beautiful space-holding, knowledgable, and trustworthy humans I’ve ever met, I have found my role as Integration Coach for those who receive or are preparing to receive the remarkable (and now widely supported) personal growth breakthroughs and healings from professionally guided psychedelic and plant medicine journeys. See video for more…

( *Note: I do not administer, sit with, nor do I sell medicines of any sort ) For more info click below and enter passcode: ibelieveinyou

Cool Stuff…

Contemplation Card Deck $27

Made with love… they’re shiny & beautiful and they really get you thinking. Pick a card  for the day, for a specifc question, or pick three and see the connection.

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My intention for all

I dream of a world where people don’t SUFFER and SACRIFICE pleasure, joy, and meaningful human connection TODAY, to work TOWARDS the *hope* of a better future, but rather, they Fearlessly LIVE Extraordinary Lives full of joy, connection, and ALL forms of abundance…

I believe in you.